The qualities and beneficial properties of Montcalm water

The purity of Montcalm natural mineral water makes it an excellent choice for people of all ages who are looking for a gentle source of hydration.

Montcalm natural mineral water has a very low mineral content, containing very few dissolved components; this promotes its resistivity.

It is this high level of resistivity that improves the elimination of toxins from our metabolism.

Drinking Montcalm water thus purifies the body without overloading it

Montcalm natural mineral water contains very few dissolved components, so it does not overburden renal activity. It is thus particularly recommended for babies and in the preparation of babies’ bottles.

Baby milk formulas already contain the minerals and nutrients required by babies; therefore water such as Montcalm, with a low mineral content, is recommended for the preparation of babies’ bottles, so as not to add other minerals to those contained in the milk.
Choosing water that is low in minerals is a way to be sure that babies are receiving a balanced intake.

As it contains very little sodium (2.2mg/L), Montcalm water is the ideal partner for low-salt diets.
Being light and easy to digest, it is ideal for cooking and preparing hot beverages. The low mineral content means it has a subtle taste so it doesn’t alter the flavour of your food and drinks.

prof-vincentAccording to the bioelectronic criteria established by Professor Vincent, in order for water to be ‘perfect’, it must meet 4 essential standards:

be slightly acidic (acidic water has a pH of less than 7),
have an rH² of between 25 and 28,
be very low in mineral content,
have a resistivity value greater than 6,000 ohms.

Composition of Montcalm water

Montcalm is a natural mineral water with one of the lowest mineral contents in Europe, having a dry residue of 32mg/L. Montcalm water provides gentle hydration due to its purity and low mineral count.

Silica : 7.5 mg/L – Dry residue at 180°: 32mg/L – pH: 6.8
Resistivity: 30,000 ohms cm – rH2: 25.95